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The Experience

First comes the e-mail consultation.

After you inquire with us, we will send you our pricing guides through e-mail, along with a bridal questionnaire for you (the bride) to fill out to help us get to know you and your groom a little better! Through E-mail... we will discuss the wedding collections, what they include, and the different payment plans that we offer! This E-mail consultation is for us to get to know you as a couple and to get to know what your needs/wants are for the day of your wedding! We will also go over a few contract details and book a date for your engagement session/bridal session!


Then comes the Engagement Session

The Engagement Session!! We LOVE helping you coordinate outfits so if you ever need help trying to figure out what to wear just ask us! We actually have a style guide to share with you that includes suggestions for different looks, colors, and styles per season! We always say wear something comfy and that speaks to who you guys are as a couple... and THEN dress it UP!! It's ok to have fun and put on a tux and a long maxi or short dress and heels! If you're nervous about not being "Photogenic" DON'T BE! Every single person is photogenic! I promise! We will angle you guys in the most flattering ways and we will pose you!! So, don't ever feel nervous about being in front of the camera! We got you!! 


And then...

 The Wedding Day!

The day that you guys have planned for months!! It's finally here! One of the best tips that we tell our brides is to always remember what the day is about! Marrying the love of your life! No matter what goes on throughout the day the one thing that remains is that you get to walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams!! Another tip we like to tell our brides about is to keep all of the wedding day details in one place! Put them all in a box so that when we arrive at the event... we can grab the details and get started on those right away! What to include in your detail box will be posted below!

The third tip that we have for brides is to make a list for your family photos for after/before the ceremony. Creating this list for your family photos will help tremendously with staying on time and it also helps with keeping everything organized.

We always like to help with organizing the wedding day timeline with photography event times. This includes what time we arrive, when photos begin, and when we photograph the Lead out at the end of the event. We  also highly recommend reaching out and getting a coordinator for the day to help everything go smoothly!! 


-What to Include in your Detail Box-

Here are a few items that we suggest to include in your detail box:

- Your Rings! ( Both sets) - It's never fun trying to hunt down the best man for the other ring!

- Your invitation! (You can include the envelope you sent the invite in, R.S.V.P card, and whatever else you included with your invitation)

- Your something borrowed, something old, something new, & something blue!!

( A lot of brides normally use their grandparents' jewelry, a penny for luck, a pendant on their bouquet, and even a garter)

-Your perfume bottle with the scent that you will wear on your wedding day!

-Your wedding day shoes!

-Your veil!

-Monogrammed hangers! (Go ahead and hang your dress and the bridesmaids dresses on the hangers that you want these details photographed with)

-Any extra florals that you have!

-We typically bring a ring box that matches and coordinates with your wedding day colors!

-Include anything else that is important & special to you that you want photographed!

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