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Hi! We are so glad you are here to check out our page specifically for Branding! So, Kimmie & Chelsea started this little gathering called Branding & Mimosas right after the world experienced the traumatic COVID years. One of the things that we were talking about after the tragedy started to slow back down was how it affected so many small businesses. I mean sales dropped like crazy, pricing went sky rocketing, the economy just sucked all together. It was so rough for so many! One day, Kimmie & I (Chelsea) were talking about how we really needed to just Re-Brand all together. Hit the next year off with a BANG! Like, Hey guys we are still here rolling off the struggle bus but we are HERE! We were looking into this super cute house that was not very well known but the decor and style just looked awesome for Branding & Product Photography in general. Kimmie mentioned that we should invite a couple of other ladies... so one thing led to the next and we had a sign up link for small business women in the area that also wanted help with re-branding for the next year! Little did we know... it was a HIT! This little gathering had no timeline of who was going first... we were literally all in this little bitty house taking turns getting headshots... whew! We learned A LOT that day! Ha! We started getting SO much feedback... our small business friends were like, "Do you know how many businesses would enjoy this and NEED this"? Next thing you know Kimmie & I started talking and long story short just to keep this sweet & simple.... we not only jumped BUT we literally LEAPED! We started this little Photo Shoot and made it a thing! We created an instagram account that started getting followers like crazy... We started getting feedback from more small business women on social wanting to join in and collaborate. I mean it was crazy!! Now, here we are a few years later!! Our ultimate goal for these Branding Photo Shoots is that it helps inspire small business women to NEVER give up! To keep growing with this forever changing world by standing firm in your beliefs for your little business and to continue to strive to succeed! We are ALL in this together!! Whether you need support with photos or just emotional support in general... we got you! 

To view some of our favorite books for women entrepenuers click the link below to see our Amazon List!  

We Strive to not only Make you Feel & Look Amazing... But, to Support you as you Continue your Journey to Grow your Small Business! We want you to Succeed!

Branding Photos Prove to Make a Difference and Make Your Brand Stand Out in A Professional & Strategic Way!

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We are Women Supporting Women!

Are you interested in a One On One Branding Session? We Book Separate Branding Sessions as well and have Multiple Packages to Choose From! We also have a Product Photography Pricing Guide we can Send to you! Ask us about our Product Drop Off Days for In Studio Weekly Product Photography!

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